Empowering Entrepreneurs for Business Growth & Collaboration

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur seeking to elevate your business & expand its reach?

Do you desire assistance with your daily operations, allowing you to reclaim your time and focus on realizing your vision?

Are you interested in joining a supportive community of like-minded businesses, fostering valuable networking opportunities?

Would you thrive in a dynamic and inspiring environment, enabling you to work from a place of passion and creativity?

Are you a home-based startup yearning for a dedicated workspace to facilitate your entrepreneurial journey?

Enabling Business Growth & Collaboration: A Thriving Community of Support

Supporting over 150 businesses across three vibrant locations in London (Print Village Studios), Bristol (Meriton Foundry), and Liskeard (The Workshed), our initiative is dedicated to empowering small and start-up ventures in their quest for work and co-working spaces.

As a business incubator, we serve as a solid foundation, providing essential support and fostering a robust network to facilitate your growth. Our offerings cater to businesses at various stages of their journey, ensuring tailored assistance.

Our unique approach transcends the traditional corporate model, embracing a holistic perspective that prioritizes not just outcomes and profitability but also social and community values.

Recognizing the significance of a well-connected business community, we strive to cultivate an environment where creative collaboration, synergy, and abundant opportunities thrive, ultimately leading to enhanced outcomes for all involved.

We have strong enthusiasm for growth and progress. We understand that as your business expands, it influences every aspect of your life. That’s why our main objective is not solely to offer a workspace but also to assist you in various other domains

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Alleviate the burden and seclusion frequently associated with launching a business by
facilitating your integration into a community
of like-minded individuals who comprehend the challenges and demands of entrepreneurship.


Engage with fellow businesses during various social gatherings held throughout the year, providing you with valuable networking
prospects and the chance to explore
collaborative opportunities that foster synergy.


We are committed to assisting you with the practical aspects of managing your business on a daily basis, saving you time & energy. By relieving these responsibilities, you have a greater capacity to concentrate on your goals & overall vision.

Take your business to new heights! Join our thriving community of self-motivated entrepreneurs & experience unparalleled growth & support.